Sunday, November 18, 2007

Module 5: Conclusion


1. How did actively participating in online research and journalism through blogging affect you?
Since engaging myself in this project I have learned a tremendous amount of information about blogs. I can now provide input as to what and how they are used and which methods of blogging seem to be the most effective. In my spare time I have even started to research blogs on some popular subjects I am interested in.

2. Do you feel this project was worthwhile as learning tool in this class? Why or why not?
I think this was a very worthwhile project for this class. It forced me to think outside the box, make assertion a topic I was not very familiar with, as well as gather research that I never knew existed.

3. Looking back on your ratings and your research, what is your final thesis statement? Did it change from your initial statement?
My final thisis statement did not change, however there was a lot of good rebutle in the blogs of my fellow students.

Module 2: The Business Blog

Blogging for Business
How useful are blogs as a form of entrepreneurial promotion?
lets find out!

Entrepreneurial blog:
The entrepreneurial blog I found comes from Rick Spence, former editor and publisher of PROFIT Magazine. In addition to writing a weekly column on small business in the Financial Post, Spence speaks to groups about being an entrepreneur and surviving in the business world.

Discussion on use of blogging as an effective business promo.
The first link about the use of blogging comes from an article written in BusinessWeek. The article discusses brief pros of blogging and gives some of example of business owners who have profited by the use of blogs.

Questions to Consider

-What other options would an entreprneur have to market themselves to their audience?
Other than through the use of traditional means of advertising(print, online, word of mouth) enterpreneurs do not have much of a window in which to market to a potential audience.

-What things can a blog do for an entrepreneur that these other means of self-promotion can not?
Blogging allows the consumer or the audeince to be more engaged. When readers can respond without the commentary from market analysts and other people involved in big business it helps the entrepreneur to network and increase sales.

- Do you feel blogs are an effective alternative to these methods? Why or why not?
Yes, I do think that blogging is an effective means of promoting goods and or services as an entrepreneur and as a business owner. I think it is just another method of reaching out to your current audience and maybe attracting a new audience as well. It often simplifies technical concepts and allows the reader to feel more "in tune" with a business or a company; hence the saying "People buy from people they like and trust."

This is rated a 5... as it supports my original theisis.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Module 4: info or vanity?

Information and Vanity Blogging
In this post I will be discussing some of the components of vanity and information blogs and trying to relate them to the competing media.

The link to the vanity blog I have posted belongs to my cousin Jennifer, an active blogger here in the SCV. In her blog she takes you on a tour into her everyday world in a blog dedicated to her hobbies, likes, diskikes, beliefs, opinions, wherabouts, and daily findings. Throught the blog, she talks about the type of music she likes to listen to, where to get the latest fashions, where to party, and places to go for a good bite to eat.

Vanity Blog:

The link to information blog I posted is georaphically categorized into things having to do with San Fransisco. Although certain aspects of the San Francisco are discussed the blog clearly has a centralized theme. The author provides informations about upcoming festivals and concerts along with political issues facing the city.

Information Blog:

Compare and Contrast

By examining the two blogs listed above as well as other blogs I have come to the realization that blogging does support this type of journalism quite well. I believe however, that blogging should be accounts of everyday experiences, as well as infornmation tailored to a specific geographic area. These types of blogs make the best ones as serious information runs the risk of not being credible when processed through a blog. In turn serious blogging comes off as being less important with much regards to its credability factor.If I wanted to know the next type of space shuttle NASA/JPL was building, chances are I'd feel more secure and knowledgeable receiving the information from a magazine or a periodical written on the subject.

I think a good information blog depends on what the audience wants to hear. Do they like daily accounts of normal life, gossip, or trends?A good information or vanity blog also has to be naturally fluent, with the blogger being themselves. I dont think people like to view personal blogs with too many facts, cumbersome language and information that doesn't convy any type of importance to the reader.

Good information blogs seem to be the exact opposite. Too much improper language brings down the level of credibility as well as the use of small words and lack of structure. If the blog is written by someone qualified in a particular field, the reader wants to feel that sense of education that comes from writing. Also for information blogs, the more facts the better. If there aren't specific details presented in an organized fashion the reader will be turned off as well.


I would say that the following information...

4...somewhat supports my original theisis proving that blogging is an upcoming media, however still does not compare whem measured against traditional print journalism.

yes I still stand firm on my original theisis.

On another note, here are some good clean jokes for Halloween.

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A: A cereal- Killer. get it. Ha Ha.

Q:Where do ghosts travel on vacation?
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Module 3:blogs vs. e-zines

This week I will be examining the use of e-zines and how they size up against against blogs.To get started I have researched two websites, both of which relate to news and current events.


This e-zine titled American Journal, takes you through major happenings in America's culture and provides a glimpse of what's to come next.


This blog had a variety of articles included. There were some blogs addressing the issues of foreign techies who are being given green cards, and even some about the popular search engine Google and how it is begginging to expand it's database by incorporating it's own e-mail service called G-mail.

Comparing and contrasting the two sources provided much more insight as to how the two sources may be useful, and how they impact traditional print journalism. Although the e-zine was difficult to find I found that it was more interactive. The layout on e-zines seems more flexible as far as what you can do with video clips, sound, and pictures. Most of the e-zines however,wanted your information to gain you as a legitimate subscriber. Looking at most of the blogs I found, the result was just text with a mild to moderate format. Although the two sources I found did not cover the same events, I'm sure there are blogs and e-zines out there that do. Judging credibility was difficult, as I dont know if the information I read was credible or not. However, I would feel like I was being provided more trustworthy information had i have been reading a print newspaper or magazine because I feel like those people within an organization such as the L.A. Times or Vogue are there because they know what they're doing. Many blogs and e-zines are started by random people who may to provide their opinion or are highly biased which is okay but doesnt render the information as factual.

I think that my position still stands valid that online material such as blogs have had a tremendous impact on the print journalism industry. Since my job here was to compare and contrast two forms of online media I am gong to give my research a 3, in that it neither supported nor unsupported my thesis.

Until next week. H@ppY BogginG!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Module 1: intro,position,research

Hello. My name is Monica and I am a student at College of the Canyons.This fall is a year of new beginnings for me.It is my first time creating a blog as well as participating in an online class.I look at this class (RTVF-100) as an opportunity to decide whether or not Broadcast Journalism would be my definative career path.So far I have learned a lot about the industry, as mass media is evident in almost all espects of our everyday life.

Although I have never participated as an "active blogger", I have read quite a few blogs and must say that blogs are proving themselves as a new medium for providing general informationa and accounts of daily life.Their newfound popularity is taking jouranlism by storm and I agree that blogging has significantly inpacted the print journalism industy.

In todays day and age we have to remember that the internet is acessible by all walks of life and we must be aware not to take all inforamation that is presented as being credible. Depending on the information you wish to display, blogs can be very effective at reaching a target audience.Although it might not be the best media for CEO's and account executives to broadcast, depending on the audience a blog can be very significant in a business or personal type setting. Blogs tend to be a bit more relaxed, casual, and conversational connecting itself with popular forms of traditional print journalism.Blogging has influenced journalism in many ways. It has provided an alternative form of news reporting contrary to the professional expectations of society as well as allowed people worldwide to provide their opinions in a world where everyone is a publisher.