Sunday, November 18, 2007

Module 5: Conclusion


1. How did actively participating in online research and journalism through blogging affect you?
Since engaging myself in this project I have learned a tremendous amount of information about blogs. I can now provide input as to what and how they are used and which methods of blogging seem to be the most effective. In my spare time I have even started to research blogs on some popular subjects I am interested in.

2. Do you feel this project was worthwhile as learning tool in this class? Why or why not?
I think this was a very worthwhile project for this class. It forced me to think outside the box, make assertion a topic I was not very familiar with, as well as gather research that I never knew existed.

3. Looking back on your ratings and your research, what is your final thesis statement? Did it change from your initial statement?
My final thisis statement did not change, however there was a lot of good rebutle in the blogs of my fellow students.

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